Mike, Tony and Adam from the moth team. Photo credit: Dan Olmstead.

Oxitec Newsletter September 2015

Chris Creese 10th September 2015 Documents, News, Newsletter

For the latest news, follow Oxitec on Facebook and on Twitter. Here are some recent highlights. Oxitec joins the Intrexon family We are delighted to announce that we have officially joined with Intrexon Corporation (NYSE: XON), a leader in synthetic biology, and we will be working together for global health and food security through eco-friendly pest control. “We [...]


Oxitec Newsletter March 2015

Tracy Thompson 5th March 2015 Documents, News, Newsletter

To stay up on the latest news, follow Oxitec on Facebook and on Twitter. Here are a few recent highlights. Oxitec mosquito trial success in Panama The results of the outdoor pilot in Panama of Oxitec OX513A, an engineered strain of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, have been announced by the Gorgas Institute and Oxitec. The outcome was a [...]


Oxitec Newsletter December 2014

Chris Creese 8th December 2014 Documents, News, Newsletter

To stay up on the latest news, follow Oxitec on Facebook and on Twitter. Here are a few recent highlights. A new partnership in India Oxitec and our Indian partner GBIT are delighted by the strong show of support by both UK and Indian government funding schemes for our world-leading technology. Our partnership was one of four projects [...]


Oxitec Newsletter July 2014

Tracy Thompson 3rd July 2014 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER July 2014 Oxitec’s mosquito control approved in Brazil The National Technical Commission for Biosecurity (CTNBio), the collegiate body responsible for approval and regulation of transgenic organisms in Brazil, recently approved the commercial release of the genetically modified (GM) mosquito, OX513A, developed by Oxitec. It is the first GM insect to be considered safe for [...]


Oxitec Newsletter April 2014

Tracy Thompson 8th April 2014 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER April 2014 Gorgas Institute to start releases of Oxitec mosquitoes in Panama The Gorgas Institute of Public Health in Panama is preparing to conduct the first releases of Oxitec mosquitoes in a residential suburb of the Arraijan District, west of Panama City. The trial targets the dengue virus-transmitting mosquito Aedes aegypti, and will start [...]


Oxitec Newsletter December 2013

Tracy Thompson 17th December 2013 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER December 2013 Oxitec in Brazil: mosquito control in Jacobina I’m Dr Amandine Collado, senior scientist at Oxitec providing technical support to Moscamed, a Brazilian Social Organization recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Bahia State ( Releases by Moscamed of Oxitec’s OX513A transgenic strain of the dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti, in 2011 and 2012 [...]


Oxitec Newsletter August 2013

Tracy Thompson 29th August 2013 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER August 2013 Moscamed launches urban-scale project in Jacobina On 18th June Moscamed held an event to mark the official launch of their project in Jacobina, a city of around 50,000 inhabitants in Bahia state, Brazil. They aim to release around 4 million Oxitec OX513A male mosquitoes per week for around 2 years with a [...]


Oxitec Newsletter June 2013

Tracy Thompson 11th June 2013 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER June 2013 Brazil trials achieve 96% suppression of the dengue mosquito Oxitec’s innovative approach to pest control has once again proved itself a powerful weapon in the war on the dengue mosquito this week, as Moscamed announced the successful demonstration of Oxitec’s OX513A mosquito in the village of Mandacarú, north-eastern Brazil. Reporting on its [...]


Oxitec Newsletter February 2013

Tracy Thompson 21st February 2013 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER February 2013 Brazil: Moscamed gear up for the next phase In December the Brazilian regulatory authority Comissao Tecnica Nacional de Biosseguranca (CTNBio) formally approved the next phase of using Oxitec’s Aedes aegypti product strain, OX513A, to help combat the wild mosquitoes that spread dengue. In this next phase Moscamed will treat the town of [...]


Oxitec Newsletter November 2012

Tracy Thompson 31st October 2012 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER November 2012 Brazil update: Community support Following success in two settlements in the Brazilian state of Juazeiro, control of the dengue mosquito Aedes aegypti, by Oxitec in partnership with Brazil’s Moscamed, is expanding to new areas. Step-by-step trials in a neighbourhood of Itaberaba have resulted in effective reduction of the dengue mosquito population. Oxitec’s [...]