Derrick Nimmo

Director, Oxitec U.S. Operations, Florida, USA

About Derrick Nimmo

Derric has over 25 years’ experience working with insects and insect genetics. Before joining Oxitec in 2005 he worked for 5 years as a Wellcome Trust postdoctoral scientist at Keele University on the genetic transformation of mosquitoes (Ae. aegypti, An, stephensi and An, gambiae). Developing site-specific integration systems and malaria blocking systems in these mosquitoes.

Since joining Oxitec, as Head of Public Health Research, Principal Scientist and Director, Oxitec U.S. operations, Derric has gained widespread experience across all aspects of Oxitec’s technology, including; the science, regulations, manufacturing, global project management and field deployment. In addition, he has extensive community engagement experience and expertise, engaging with residents and NGO organisations in the USA and around the world, leading education campaigns, community engagement events and workshops.


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