Enca Martin-Rendon PhD

R&D Portfolio Manager, Milton Park, UK

About Enca Martin-Rendon


Enca received her bachelor’s degree in Biology and her PhD in Genetics from the University of Seville, Spain. She has 20 years of experience in leading and managing research and development (R&D) activities in academic, pharmaceutical and healthcare environments.

Enca designed and engineered the world’s first lentiviral vector system to be delivered directly to the human central nervous system whilst working for Oxford BioMedica Plc., a pioneering gene and cell therapy biopharmaceutical company. The vector is currently in Phase II clinical trials as treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

She has led high quality, high impact research that has contributed to reframing the international debate on the use of cell therapies to treat heart disease. She has served as R&D Program Manager and Deputy Director of the Stem Cell Research Laboratory for one of the NHS organizations in England. She contributed to the establishment of several research programs on haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, cardiovascular disease and tissue engineering. She has been successful at building a team and developing and mentoring scientists, nurses and clinicians.

Enca is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB), a Member of the Oxford Stem Cell Institute and an Editor of the Cochrane Heart Group. She has been a member of the Transnational Alliance for Cell-based regeneration Therapies In Cardiovascular Syndromes (TACTICS), an international group of key opinion leaders working on cell therapies and cardiovascular innovations.

Enca joined Oxitec in February 2017 as an R&D Portfolio Manager. Oxitec is a pioneer biotech company using advanced genetics to control insects that spread diseases and damage crops.


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