Neil Naish

Insect Rearing R&D lead, Milton Park, UK

About Neil Naish


Neil has over 20 years of experience working with insect production projects and currently leads the insect rearing development team at Oxitec. Responsible for delivery of early-stage insect rearing approaches across mosquito and agricultural pest insects, and working closely with engineering and across R+D projects, he has developed numerous solutions for Oxitec’s scale-up and delivery programs.

Following his MSc at University of Warwick, he has been involved in numerous projects linked to applications as diverse as baculovirus production, artificial diet development for tropical lepidoptera and production applications for insects in the field of feed and value by-products.

Neil’s team is working on the fall armyworm, mosquito scale-up and future insect targets to deliver insect production approaches and solutions ready for scale-up.


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