Simon Warner

Chief Scientific Officer, Milton Park, UK

About Simon Warner


Simon Warner, PhD, is currently Chief Scientific Officer at Oxitec Ltd, and CTO of Intrexon Crop Protection. Oxitec is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrexon and pioneers in novel insect control in public health and agricultural markets. As CSO, Dr. Warner is responsible for all R&D, scientific, and technology aspects of the company including IP, technology strategy, licensing, strategic partnerships, staff management, and fundraising support. As an experienced R&D executive with 21 years of global commercial experience in biotechnology, Dr Warner oversaw and led the R&D process that resulted in the purchase of Oxitec by Intrexon. He leads R&D innovation and technology transfer required to move technology from the lab to factory scale production. This technology has been demonstrated in the factory scale production of Oxitec’s solution to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito which transmits Zika, dengue and other diseases, which is produced in the world first GM mosquito factory in Piracicaba, Brazil. Oxitec also has significant collaborative partnerships in Agriculture, where environmentally friendly and sustainable pest control solutions are required to augment the conventional pesticide and biotech trait solutions. Leading agricultural companies and organisations fund these collaborations. Dr. Warner’s preceding R&D career has included various roles at Syngenta in the United Kingdom and the United States, leading collaborative programs and delivering biotechnology products in crops for feed and fuel. Immediately prior to joining Oxitec, Dr. Warner was Senior Director of Research and Development Programs at Sapphire Energy, a start-up company developing algae based fuel, based in San Diego, California. Dr. Warner has a PhD in plant molecular biology from the University of Leicester and a BSc in biochemistry from the University College London.


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