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June 19 2018 – Announcement

Oxitec is thrilled to announce a cooperative agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a new strain of Oxitec’s self-limiting Friendly™ Mosquitoes to combat a mosquito species that spreads malaria in the Western Hemisphere.

Current tools and treatments are insufficient to achieve malaria suppression in many countries and malaria vectors and parasites have begun to develop resistance to insecticides, which is likely to only intensify in the future. This partnership by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation complements the organization’s other major investments in transformative and innovative tools to fight malaria.

With support by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oxitec will develop a new self-limiting Friendly™ Anopheles mosquito strain designed to suppress wildmalaria vector.


What Will This Partnership Cover?

This project will fund the development of genetically engineered self-limited mosquitoes and is set to begin as of July 2018 with an end goal of completion in September of 2020. The project will take place at Oxitec HQ in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, UK. and does not include planned field trials. Oxitec envisions moving to the next phase of multi-strain development and field deployment directly following this project’s completion.


How Are Friendly™ Anopheles Different From Friendly™ Aedes?

This first Friendly™ Anopheles strain will build on the strengths of Oxitec’s Friendly™ Aedes technology developed and tested over the last decade, and transfer the skills and know-how into an anopheles strain for use in vector control efforts to combat malaria.

Oxitec’s Friendly™ Mosquitoes do not bite and do not transmit diseases. These 2nd generation male mosquitoes will seek out and mate with wild mosquitoes, whose female offspring will die. One of the new benefits of 2nd generation, is that male offspring survive, allowing additional mating cycles that reduce the pest population further still. This amplifies the impact of a release program, while still ensuring that Oxitec self-limiting male mosquitoes will not persist in the environment, as they will disappear from the environment 10 generations after releases stop.

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