Friendly™ Mosquitoes


A powerful, safe and targeted vector-control solution

The female mosquito is the most dangerous animal in the world, spreading diseases and parasites to hundreds of millions of people every year. Friendly™ Mosquitoes are male mosquitoes that don’t bite or spread disease. Releasing Friendly™ Mosquitoes results in a reduction of the wild mosquito population.



Precision agricultural pest suppression

Insect pests are one of the leading causes of crop loss, threatening food security around the world. Our technology can be applied to pests of both broad-acre and horticultural produce, resulting in a species-specific suppression of pest insect populations and protecting crops.

Our technology


Technology for the 21st Century

Our solution provides an environmentally-responsible method of controlling insect pests that spread disease and damage crops. This novel biological approach is sustainable, economical and applicable to many insect species.


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Oxitec's Friendly™
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