The Guardian: Genetically engineered mosquitoes could be vital weapon against malaria

Tracy Thompson 23rd April 2014 News, Oxitec in the news

An Oxford-based biotech firm is modifying the males of the species to be sterile, effectively making the killers kill themselves Elisabeth Braw Guardian Professional, Tuesday 22 April 2014 14.10 BST 627,000 deaths per year: that’s a good figure. Malaria, the deadly illness caused by infected mosquitoes, is on the retreat, thanks to medical treatments that [...]


FrankenFoodFacts: “Genetically modified dengue fighters”

Tracy Thompson 22nd April 2014 News, Oxitec in the news

An independent investigation into the validity of claims made by pro- and anti- GMO groups I know I generally don’t say much about myself here, but this post requires a bit of  ”Get to Know BioChica”. When I was 6 years old, my family moved to Venezuela. I graduated from high-school and then chose to [...]


PRESS RELEASE: Oxitec’s solution for controlling the dengue mosquito is approved by CTNBio

Tracy Thompson 11th April 2014 News, Oxitec in the news

Campinas, Brazil, 10 April 2014 The National Technical Commission for Biosecurity (CTNBio), the collegiate body responsible for approval and regulation of transgenic organisms in Brazil, today approved the commercial release of the genetically modified (GM) mosquito, OX513A, developed by Oxitec. It is the first GM insect to be considered safe for commercial use in Brazil [...]


Oxitec Newsletter April 2014

Tracy Thompson 8th April 2014 Documents, News, Newsletter

NEWSLETTER April 2014 Gorgas Institute to start releases of Oxitec mosquitoes in Panama The Gorgas Institute of Public Health in Panama is preparing to conduct the first releases of Oxitec mosquitoes in a residential suburb of the Arraijan District, west of Panama City. The trial targets the dengue virus-transmitting mosquito Aedes aegypti, and will start [...]


PRESS RELEASE: Dr Luke Alphey wins Innovator of the Year 2014 at BBSRC’s Fostering Innovation awards

Tracy Thompson 21st March 2014 News, Oxitec in the news

Oxitec is delighted to congratulate Dr Luke Alphey on winning the BBSRC’s Fostering Innovation awards, 2014. At the award event held on 20th March, Dr Alphey won both the social innovator category, and the overall award. These awards recognise Dr Alphey’s world-leading research firstly at Oxford University and then Oxitec, in the field of genetic [...]


PRESS RELEASE: Dr Luke Alphey’s pioneering research is recognised in BBSRC Innovator of the Year awards

Tracy Thompson 13th February 2014 News, Oxitec in the news

Oxitec is pleased to congratulate Dr Luke Alphey on being shortlisted for the BBSRC’s Innovator of the Year competition, 2014. Shortlisted in the social innovator category, the award recognises Dr Alphey’s world-leading research at Oxitec in the field of genetic control of insect pests and the potential benefit to society. The awards were established by [...]


PRESS RELEASE: Panama says ‘GO’ to GM mosquito evaluation

Tracy Thompson 28th January 2014 News, Oxitec in the news

Oxford, UK 28th January 2014 Panama has now approved the next phase of evaluation for Oxitec’s sterile mosquitoes as a novel tool to combat the dengue mosquito. The announcement comes weeks after Panama’s Health Minister, Javier Diaz, declared that the country was experiencing a ‘dengue epidemic’. Concern over Panama’s growing number of cases has highlighted [...]


The Lost Lectures. Hadyn Parry: Modifying Mosquitos

Tracy Thompson 22nd January 2014 Presentations, Resources

Hadyn talks about his collaborative effort with Brazil to reduce the population of Aedes Aegypti. This nasty breed of Mosquito targets humans and has advanced the spread of Dengue Fever across the world. He shows us how his company achieve this marvellous feat of genetic engineering and even gives us a sneak peak of their [...]